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Plistbooking: Yes, choosing a luxurious hotel for your next weekend get away is a famous option. Come on, spice things up! Try booking unique self-contained and serviced apartment, beach house or townhouse from the growing short-let accommodation market

Aren’t you aware that the hottest trend right now is staying in alternative short stay accommodation instead of booking traditional hospitality offerings?

Again, yes. This industry just like the any other industries out there, doesn’t come without criticism.  The reliability, safety and amenities issues are continuously bombarding this sector. Here, the PlistBooking, a prominent Nigerian online booking site dismisses seven myths about this industry and explains why you should give it a go.


Myth No. 1. Only budget-conscious backpackers resort to short-let apartment.

Wrong. It is undeniable fact that this fast-growing trend resulted from the sharing economy. However, you should not neglect the fact that most of the short-let apartment listings today include some of the most expensive and luxurious properties in cities all over Nigeria. Hence, it is open for wider variety of budgets.

Myth No. 2 Only beach and countryside offer short-stay accommodation. Wrong. Short-let accommodation can take place anywhere, everywhere. It is not defined by the type of the property, rather by the length of stay of a certain guest.

Myth No. 3 Business travelers is not suitable for short-stay accommodation. Wrong. Longing on the time when only leisure travelers embraced the flexibility and authentic residential experience should be terminated now. See, from a reasonable cost to in-house eating options and inclusive internet connection, both traveler and employer can reap the benefits.

Myth No. 4 Amenities in Short-let Apartment is lacking. Wrong. Hosts invest in good quality bedding, toiletries, and some even stock the fridge before you arrive (milk and teabags). We are dedicated to kitting out properties, after all, the more you feel at home the more likely you are to come back.

Myth No. 5 Only those with months plan can stay in short-let apartment. Wrong. There are plenty of properties that can be booked at the touch of a button. Ergo, you do not need weeks and months to plan. We at Plistbooking has list of apartments that come with hosts, have booking technology that can give you live update while you are on the move. Meaning, you can change your plans at the drop of a hat. Spontaneity at its finest!

Myth No. 6 Short Stay accommodation is only for big circle. Wrong. Short-let apartments have variety of options—from staying in a fully serviced apartment or house or just one room, anybody will feel at home. Whilst the benefit of extra space is great for families and big get togethers, it is also just as enjoyable for solo travelers or couples. In fact, solo travelers can often prefer staying in the comfort of someone’s home rather than a faceless hotel.

Myth No. 7 Short Stay accommodation means enjoying traditional holiday getaway. Wrong.

Whatever purpose you have in mind, our holiday homes is bookable. While you can spend your good night sleep with us before your most-awaited interview, finish a chapter of your first book or simply a weekend away from work, we can offer you variety to endless amenities.


You’ll never know, unless you book. 

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