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Property for Sellers

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Long gone are the days when most people can only sell inexpensive items (clothes) online. With the advent of technology, everyone is after stress-free shopping. Literally, they wanted to purchase these items at a click—paving way for the internet to be the most advantageous place to sell real estate properties.

9 out of 10 property buyers already have an ideal house in mind—from the most obvious details like size, design, and location. Meaning, for your house to sell, it has to be close to your potential buyers’ ideal. For this reason, we have put together the top property selling tips to help you get the best value out of your property.

        1.Home Package. The packaging is the heart of marketing any product. Remember the quotation “First impression lasts”? The same goes for property selling. The property itself should stand for itself. For a product to be attractive to a buyer, it has to appeal to factors they consider crucial in their decision making. To package your house, here are things you should consider working on;

            A.Walls. Obviously, this cannot be neglected. Touch up both interior and exterior walls. Do not leave any nail holes behind. If wallpapers appear too old, replace them.

            B.Pipes and Storage Fixtures. Conduct minor to major interior fixtures. Replaces taps, fix leaking pipes, and repaint cupboards and drawers. Redone the floor, if necessary.

            C.Door, Windows, and Netting. Check whether or not the locks are of good quality. Replace them if it doesn’t reflect quality. Windows should be clean and easy to open. The netting, if any, should be firm and rust-free.

            D.Furnishing. To know how to purchase quality items on a budget, hire an interior designer. Or better yet, leave it on your hands especially if you have an eye for aesthetics. The thing is, the more tastefully furnished your home looks, the more valuable and sellable it becomes.

            E.Environment. There is a big relief when you know you own a place to relax in. Whether it’s the kid’s playground or your venue for hosting a family event, the garden plays a vital role in winning the heart of most home buyers. So, if you’re contemplating selling off your home, it will be wise if you’ll roll up those sleeves; get that shovel, and head to the garden to create the best possible view for prospective buyers.

            F.Home Staging. If you really wanted to maximize returns from the property you are selling, you might as well consider your home staging. Truth be told, potential home buyers are after the comfort they can feel in the house. Maybe a normal home setup to spark up the buyer’s imagination is not too much to ask. In short, make it comfy and mellow. If lighting candles can create a homely effect, go for it.

        2.Know Your Potential Buyer. As a seller, you must prepare yourself with the kind of buyers that will come your way. Let’s say your house is a three-bedroom duplex in Lagos, you can hardly imagine what profile of buyers to expect. On the other hand, consider the following in knowing your buyers:

            A.Show Interest. While sellers love to be listened to, buyers want that too. Make them feel special. Discerning buyers might be able to smell your lack of interest in their welfare from miles away. It makes them presume that you’re only interested in selling off the property; not caring if it truly meets what they really want and need. It never hurts to be a little friendly and to show a little empathy. This will make the buyer trust you and be more open to hearing why he or she should buy the property you have to sell.

            B.No to Clingy Seller. We all know selling a property can be tedious. As much as you wanted to sell your property immediately, giving your buyer space and time to think is a good point. Remember, selling a property is a business transaction. Stay as dispassionate as possible.

            C.Don’t Force it. The main goal of any real estate agent is to close as many deals as quickly as possible. Meaning, experiencing any delay could mean another agent closes the deal before you. Thus, there is an inner force that wanted to coax prospective buyers or tenants to make their decisions quickly. As much as you wanted to do this, bear in mind that it is unethical

        3.Pricing Considerations. To get your home valued, it is advisable to enlist a trusted professional. Approximation of your home’s market value can often result to overpricing or underpricing. Yes, there are thousands of online property companies that offer valuation services. But nothing beats the experience of Property List Hub that takes into account tangible details of your house like building materials, soil texture, and others.

            A.Advertise. There is nothing more frustrating than looking at an advertised property with no price. Usually, first-time home-buyers will always look for the price. If the required detail isn’t there, except that they will continue scrolling past to the next property that meets their criteria. Know that budget is important for a buyer. Therefore, pinning down a finite figure is a requirement unless you wanted to turn off your buyer.

            B.Credibility. Cut down the possibility of fraudulent transactions. In today’s market, spotting a fraudulent real estate agent can be difficult. Always check online property online website with verified agents. They will give you control over your sale, allowing you to manage viewings, offers, and negotiation yourself.

            C.Timing. If you’re eager to sell quickly, you might want to consider setting a competitive price to attract buyers, but if you aren’t in a hurry you may wish to set it a bit higher to obtain the optimum price. Take into consideration the season (time of year) too; for instance, in Nigeria, the dry season is the best time of the year to sell a property. Meanwhile, selling your property in December can be difficult as many people are away or don’t have the spare funds to move.


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