Short-let Business

Short-let Business

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(MUCH) Longer Bookings for Your Short-Term Rental

Imagine the benefits you can get from tenants who rent your short-let apartment in longer term. Indeed, it is almost the best of both worlds. Question is, how to achieve this? Skip, if you’ve read this before.

Creativity in reaching out people who may not otherwise come your way is what it takes to achieve longer bookings.  With a bit of leg-work, communication and reaching out to less obvious people, this can be perfectly achieved.

Think out of the box. Trace people who are on a short-term lease in your neighborhood. Think about people who transferred due to some reasons. Think about listing your property with us—we are telling you; these are all the golden nuggets of opportunity. Ready? Let’s dive into the detail.

1. List All the Businesses That May Look for Short-Let Booking Services.

These can include (but are certainly not limited to):

Construction Companies. Believe it or not, most new build homes require the occupants to move out during the home guarantee period. This involves whole department of construction company dealing with the occupant’s potential relocation site. This is the perfect time to drop the curtain. Drop them a quick hello message. Secure a longer booking with them.

Local or International Firms in your Area. While major companies are always looking for ways to cut costs, they opt out to the idea of putting up their employees in hotel for extended periods. Again, when the opportunity knocks, do not wait until the second. If your property has more than one bedroom, see to it that you can accommodate at least two of their “non-executive” type employee.

Public Organizations. This includes schools, and hospitals. Say your apartment is near the school or hospital, then it is ideally suited for the employees and stakeholders there. Take note, the average stay of a traveling medical professional can take up to 15-25 weeks. See, this would be an extremely lucrative booking.

2. List Your Apartment with Us.  Plistbooking and many other local Nigerian booking websites are golden nuggets of leads for short-let guests. 


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