Referral Purchase

Referral Purchase

How does it work

Once you promote your links, then those that click on your links will sign up directly on or website and make purchases. Then your affiliate account is credited with 15% of the revenue made.

Marketing Tips for Influencer Partners

If you are one of our Influencer partners, it means you could be either a social media influencer, a Performance Marketer, a renowned Blogger and a Media Publisher. The common notion of new marketers is assuming they can earn 10 times their profit if they drive 10 times traffic to their site or social media channels. Thing is, it doesn’t work that way—which is great news for you. While you should not worry about increasing traffic to your site or social media channel, you could simply set up a conversion optimization campaign to boost your revenue. This way, you can turn more of your existing traffic into affiliate customers which will surely increase your revenue. Without a doubt, this is way easier than drastically increasing your traffic. Below are other tips to optimize your pages if you own a website.

1.Pop-up Campaign to Promote an Affiliate Services and Products. You will deny the effectiveness of popups until it works for you. However, this is the easiest way to catch your visitor’s attention and turn them into potential customers. There are lots of popups that provide you wide range selection of pre-built templates and help you make the right campaign for your affiliate services and products.

2.Display Campaigns When Users are More Likely to Buy. When it comes to popup campaigns, timing is really important. With the right timing, you can show a popup campaign to the right users at the right time. For example, studies show that the best time to show a popup is when a user is about to leave your site.


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