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Frequently asked questions about the affiliate system

You are now just few clicks away to join our affiliate system. Follow the steps below: • You can either click this link to register or login here • Click on the affiliate link found on the main navigation. • Activate yourself as an affiliate. Now, you are good to go. Good news! Need to create a new account? Click this link

• You may promote our services by posting any of our banners on your social media page or add them to your website, blog. The banner contains your unique referral link which helps in keeping track of the number of signups and visitors referred. • You may also give the referral link to a friend or colleague via email or SMS, allowing our system to keep track. • You may also advertise by word of mouth. Remember to tell anyone you informed via word of mouth to mention that you recommended him/her. Once we get informed, we add him/her as an affiliate.

Simply visit your affiliate page and you can see how much you have made, the number of visitors referred and the number of paid subscriptions or bookings. If you have any other questions, feel free to write us up at [email protected]. This service is available to old and new clients of Plisthub Affiliate Partner Program. Terms and Conditions apply.

You as an affiliate gets up to 15% on revenues made on every paid subscription or bookings.

If you are a Social Media Influencer, Performance Marketer, Blogger or a Media Publisher that can move volumes, the Plisthub Influencer Program offers you an opportunity to create your own page on PlistHub. Through your custom URL, you can easily share your recommended services to your followers. Raise brand awareness. Help your followers shop your recommendations. In return, you will earn money on qualifying purchases.

Influencers, Marketers, Bloggers or Media Publishers across any category can participate in this program. You must have a YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or other similar accounts or sites to qualify. Take note, we are checking the number of followers and other engagement metrics of your social media presence.

The PlistHub Influencer Program is intended for social media influencers. Yes, it is an extension to the existing Affiliate Program. Using your own page on PListHub and custom URL, you can easily display all of our services you highly recommend to your followers. This can literally driver traffic to Plisthub, not to mention, when inserting hyperlinks is not possible (Instagram captions or video content)

Check if you are eligible after you click on ‘Get Started’. Now, do not lose hope if you are unqualified. Since eligibility requirements may change over time, we encourage you to come back. If qualified, do not waste any second and start curating your page.

Yes. The Plisthub Influencer program offers more additional tools than Affiliate Program. It is specifically tailored to drive traffic from social media platforms through vanity URL. To complete the qualification process, please go to link.

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