Event Venue Booking Services

Event Venue Booking Services

Event Venue Booking Services

With a lot of things to consider when planning any event, what’s not to love about booking the right event venue?  When it comes to event planning, careful planning and attention to detail is mandatory or the business is dead. For corporate meetings, training days and conferences, booking an event venue with reliable Wi-Fi, right audio-visual equipment for presentations and accessible geographical location is a BIG yes. Now, if the event is merely for pleasure and celebrations, one that has reliable Wi-Fi, the right technology for presentations and an easily accessible geographical locality. For parties and celebrations, the ideal location will have excellent food and catering options, as well as flexibility to decorate according to a particular style or theme.

Finding the right venue can make or break an event and has a persuasive effect on the lasting impression guests walk away with. While looking for the perfect-fit event venue appears to be challenging to most organizers, COVID-19 pandemic thrown up new challenges for event organizers and meeting planners. Tragic , right? We all know health and safety is of equal importance, so do attendee experience. You are already aware of how much live experience lockdown took away from all of us. Now the challenge is how we at PListbooking can elevate that experience and provide an event that lingers long in the memory, amidst social distancing measures. 

Social Distancing and Hygiene Policies

Before conducting any event, bear in mind our social distancing and hygiene policies. Event venues will by now have started to put together documentation on how they can run an event safely and securely with multiple measures to put in place to manage the flow and track and trace the attendees.

You will need to check with the venue manager what amenities it has to offer and what you will be allowed to do:

1. What is the hand hygiene policy?

2. Does the venue require pre-screening or health questionnaires submitted in advance

3. How will the venue operate social distancing at peak times, such as registration, end of sessions, lunch and so on?

4. Will there be an area to isolate any guests who experience symptoms or begin to feel unwell during the event?

What are the cleaning policies?

In addition to this, it’s also important at this stage to check:

1. What on-site promotion is permitted?

2. Are there any restrictions on displays?

3. When can you enter the venue to setup and when do you have to leave?

4. Are there adequate security and safety measures in place?

5. What level of staffing will be provided on the day?

The ideal place for an event venue should both appeal to practicality and aesthetics. Logistically, the best venues for business or personal events are in locations that everyone can access easily. It should be straightforward to drive to and not too far from highway, with ample parking. A venue should have some public transport travel options too. What is not to like with event venue that can boost your productivity rate? Something that is picture-perfect and can literally go along with celebrations and parties. Remember, dullness and boredom have no room for this.


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